In the city of romance, we maintain hospitality from personal tradition. 

On the following pages, we would like to give you some impressions of our unique family business.The spacious property, the idyllic beer garden, the picturesque rooms and much more give you a sense that you are situated at a pristine spot of Heidelberg. Our event gastronomy is a unique setting for your soirée event.

Heidelberg's history is here alive, in a savory, entertaining and at the same time very authentic way. Our HIP-HOTEL confirms the thesis, that tradition and innovation can complement each other in harmony. Our international experience combined with a high level of foreign language competence makes our guests from all over the world feel at home. The team afford is fundamental for a well managed family business as ours. We appreciate this very much and we are very proud of our „golden team“.

Sincerely yours, Family Dr. Kischka